Home Insurance in Dundee, Ida, Monroe, Newport, Temperance, and the Surrounding Areas

An American Flag Hanging from Home with Home Insurance in Dundee, Ida, Monroe, Newport, Temperance

Whether it’s your first home, you are upgrading to a larger home for the space, or you finally have your retirement home in Dundee, Ida, Monroe, Newport, Temperance, or the surrounding areas, having the right home insurance in place is a must. At Knabusch Insurance we want to help you protect this large investment as well as everything inside. Take the time to contact our team for a review of your current home insurance policy to make sure you have the right coverages for your property. We can shop the market to find you the best options.

Coverage For More Than Just The Home

As you might figure based on the name of the insurance, home insurance does indeed protect your home. It might be a strong storm or part of a tree, but having the right home insurance protection will make these things seem minor. But the home isn’t the only thing that is protected by home insurance, and we will take the time to make sure your other items are covered as well.

You have a lot invested in your furniture, appliances, and even the clothes that you use every day. These things are also covered with your home insurance so that if you have a break-in and things are stolen, they will be covered by your home insurance. Your other buildings may also be insured with your home insurance as well, such as your garage, the shed with your lawn mower in it, and more.

Beyond all of that, it is important to note that some personal items you have may need to be covered by a special rider to your home insurance policy. If you have some nice or expensive jewelry, for example, this will need to be on a rider policy. Other items such as antiques, artwork, and other things may also need to be on a rider. Talk with your Knabusch Insurance agent about these special items with your home insurance.

Related Coverages to Home Insurance

Your home might not be a home at all, but an apartment. Or you may live in a condo. While you won’t have the same coverage as a traditional home insurance policy would, you still need to protect your personal belongings in these cases, and there are special insurance policies that do just that. No matter where you call home in Dundee, Ida, Monroe, Newport, Temperance, and the surrounding areas, it is important to protect what you own.

At Knabusch Insurance we work with many different insurance companies and will shop the market on your behalf to find the right home insurance that fits your needs. Contact our team today to learn more and schedule a time to review your current insurance coverages.