Auto Insurance in Dundee, Ida, Monroe, Newport, Temperance, and the Surrounding Areas

Cheap Auto Insurance in Dundee, MI

Do you have enough auto insurance for your vehicles? We have worked with hundreds of clients in Dundee, Ida, Monroe, Newport, Temperance, and the surrounding areas to ensure that they have the right amount of auto insurance coverage to protect them if they ever are in an accident. At Knabusch Insurance we know what hazards look like in Michigan throughout the year. Work with an established independent insurance agency that can find you the right coverage at the right price. Contact us today to learn more.

What is the Difference With an Independent Insurance Agency

We’ve all seen the various advertisements for different insurance companies, and we likely know some insurance agents near us, but those insurance agencies are often for a single insurance company. At Knabusch Insurance, we are an independent insurance agency and represent dozens of different insurance companies. This means that we work for you, our clients, to find you the best policy for your needs.

We can shop the market and compare insurance quotes from several different insurance companies at once. This saves you time and money as well, plus you have an advocate that is working on your behalf and not the insurance company. And if you are looking for multiple kinds of insurance coverage, we make it easy to handle everything through a single agent rather than having multiple insurance contacts.

Understand Your Auto Insurance

Do you fully understand what the different coverages in your auto insurance policy mean? Our insurance agents will take the time to explain what the minimum coverages are required by state law, and then how your current coverages compare to the requirements as well as to the average claims for auto insurance. Underinsured and uninsured motorists are a real thing, and if you are in an accident with one of those drivers you need insurance to cover your vehicle and issues because you will likely not see anything from the other driver.

You know that you need auto insurance for each vehicle that you own and drive, but shopping around for insurance coverage isn’t that thrilling. Keep your auto insurance policy up to date in Dundee, Ida, Monroe, Newport, Temperance, and the surrounding areas by speaking with our team at Knabusch Insurance. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a time to review your auto insurance.\