Short Haul Trucking Insurance in Monroe, Newport, Temperance, Dundee, Ida, MI, and the Surrounding Areas

When it comes to the trucking industry, there are short-haul truckers and long-haul truckers. You might understand that long haul is likely hundreds of miles or more and often involves crossing state lines, but what about short haul trucking in Monroe, Newport, Temperance, Dundee, Ida, MI, and the surrounding areas? These routes are distinctly closer to a home base, often involving only 150 miles or so, but they still need insurance coverage like any other business, and that’s where our team at Knabusch Insurance comes in. While it is still trucking, short-haul trucking involves many more stops for loading and/or unloading while covering fewer miles, and the drivers are typically home every night. These differences mean that the insurance needs will also be different, and it pays to work with an independent insurance agency to find the best value. Contact us today to review your short-haul trucking insurance needs.

Fleet of Cargo Vans in Newport, MI with Short Haul Insurance

What Kind Of Trucks Are Short Haul Trucks

Where the traditional 18-wheeler is the icon of long-haul trucking, short-haul trucking often utilizes smaller trucks such as straight trucks, vans, or box trucks. Sometimes these operate like a diesel semi truck, while other times they are just like the larger pickup trucks that we see all over. Because short-haul trucking doesn’t need as much space for cargo and often navigates city streets, the smaller trucks are ideal for these situations, from doing pickups to making deliveries.

Because these short-haul trucks are smaller in size, they are also more affordable, and that means that it doesn’t take as much insurance to cover them for accidents, theft, and more. From commercial auto insurance to cargo insurance and more, we will help to analyze your short-haul trucking insurance needs and shop the market on your behalf to find the best coverage at the best rates.

Your Drivers Make A Big Impact

Not only do your drivers have to interface with those receiving the products they are delivering, but they also have to drive safely to and from the deliveries they make. Your drivers make an impact on your business in more ways than one, and insurance rates can be affected by their driving record. Training programs and safety programs can help to keep your drivers safe and your commercial auto insurance rates lower.

While trucking has many commonalities, every business that does short-haul trucking has its insurance needs in Monroe, Newport, Temperance, Dundee, Ida, MI, and the surrounding areas. Make sure that you are getting the best rates and the right coverage by talking with our team at Knabusch Insurance. Contact us today to schedule a review of your short-haul trucking insurance needs.

Trucker in Monroe, MI with Short Haul Trucking Insurance